We’re pretty darn proud of our team here at Speaker’s Corner Bistro and the entire Crowne Plaza Hotel. It’s especially gratifying to know that we served you well when you were here, for whatever the occasion. We also look forward to having you back soon!

Hotel Offers a “Full” Gluten Free Menu

I met several business associates for lunch at the Speaker’s Corner restaurant located in the Crown Plaza Hotel here in Nashua, NH. When I told the waittress that I needed gluten free, imagine my shock when she presented me with a “real” menu of gluten free items.

I don’t know about other people, but I have found most restaurants just take regular menu items that were already GF, and list them, usually with no seasoning, sauces, or flavor. This menu was obviously well thought out and every item was prepared with imaginative seasonings and/or sauces.

Their starter section offered a 4 cheese pizza for $9.95, nachos for $7.95, chicken tenders, $8.95 or PEI Mussels in a saffron tomato broth at $7.95. Next they offered 4 different salads included a spinach and grilled salmon that looked wonderful. They even have burgers complete with a GF Bulky Roll. I was definitely having a hard time choosing, everything sounded so good. I ended up ordering the pizza and it was really awesome. I couldn’t finish it all, but my co-workers gobbled it up when I brought it back to the office. They had no idea it was gluten free.

I can’t wait to go back for dinner and try one of the 5 main course options, including a seafood dijon over Brown Rice Penne. I just have to leave room for dessert – will it be the chocolate mousse, creme blule, or chocolate rasberry cake with caramelized bananas and French vanilla ice cream?

Gluten Free Travel Site (April 2013)

D&H Distributing Company

Top notch assists from Caitlin Euler on sales and Matt and Mike as waitstaff, cook and kitchen staff were great

Pfeiffer Vacuum

Made it happen … made it so I didn’t worry about what was going on at the hotel while I was busy with other things!

Baby Shower:

The waitresses working the event were very helpful and attentive to all of our needs. They offered to assist in set up and made sure we were always taken care of during brunch.

-Athena B.

Memorial Luncheon:

Emily McAllister, Restaurant Manager, the entire staff of Bartenders (Matt, Wendy, Ron, Frank, Cindy, and Jennifer). Of course, the General Manager, Tim Hogan. Quite frankly, the entire house including restaurant & housekeeping could not be more accommodating.

– Mary H.

Engagement Brunch

The restaurant staff did an amazing job. The room was set up perfectly, the service was great and the food was outstanding.

 – Matt G.

Rehearsal Dinner:

Overall, the service, food, food timing, and everything else were absolutely amazing and everyone at the event said so! I would definitely recommend The Crowne Plaza/Speaker’s Corner to other friends and family looking for an event space. It was PERFECT! THANK YOU!!!! 🙂 The two servers during my rehearsal dinner were AMAZING – so sweet, friendly, and attentive. They really did a fantastic job! 🙂 They made the event have a very light and cheerful environment and I greatly appreciate their excellent work!

– Kerri C.

The wait staff was courteous and attentive to all the guests. They did an excellent job.

– Rita H.