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The Messenger Wine Flight Special - $19.00
Stump! Trivia Quiz Night is back and in the Pub. Tuesday nights 7pm - 8pm
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Stump! Trivia Night in the Pub!

Tuesday Night in the Pub, 7pm – 8pm – test your skills in brain-teasing trivia, from Anatomy and Literature to Movies, History and more.

Thursday Night Prime Rib Buffet

Speaker's Corner Bistro - Tripadvisor Review by StarWeez on February 19, 2013: "Incredibly Good Gourmet Food in a Hotel Restaurant"

We echo the comments of previous reviewers—this place serves unexpectedly high-quality fare, something you just don't expect from a hotel restaurant. We have dined here many times over the past 15 years. Their all-you-can-eat buffet food is incredibly tasty and fresh, even though it is served in covered chafing pans. Each day during the week the bistro serves a different combination. If you don't find the buffet items to your liking, the menu features several salads, sandwiches, and entrees that are cooked to order and quite flavorful.

On our last lunch visit, my companion had the buffet, which consisted of several choices; she selected salad, smashed potatoes, vegetables, Southern fried chicken, and a dessert. The chicken was moist and tender, the vegetables tasty. I opted for their 8-ounce sirloin burger with sweet potato fries. The burger was cooked medium well to perfection, which is a difficult, if not impossible, degree of doneness to get right in any restaurant. I just wish I had told my server to have the kitchen hold the salt on the fries, which were otherwise also done to perfection. My companion's dessert, a chocolate mousse with a whipped cream and raspberry syrup topping, was a wonderful conclusion to her meal. She is not a big chocolate fan, and yet she pronounced it yummy.

The prime rib buffet on Wednesday nights is a gut-buster, as are all of their entrees on the dinner menu. You cannot go wrong, no matter what you order. Rating: 5 stars